British Naturism And The Young British Naturists

British Naturism and Youthful British Naturists
Youthful British Naturists – Excellent promotion for YBN as we reach UK breakfast TV displays On Day Break We frequently make the point our subject matter can give us promotional opportunities that other groups don’t get, but how valuable was the great publicity that BN gained from our appearance on ITV’s breakfast show, Daybreak in October 2011? BN’s Advertisement Supervisor Andrew Welch and Youth Officer Daryl Jones were among a group of BN members who got a chance to get our message across.
Unfortunately, they were largely hidden behind several boxes of breakfast cereal but as Andrew said: “may not be everybody’s favourite program but you can’t argue with the fact that there were probably more than a million people watching.” The TV appearance came about because BN was approached earlier this year by Golin Harris, the PR company who handle Unilever’s ( fabric softener brand Comfort Pure who teamed up with British Naturism and YBN to demonstrate that being nude is good for your skin.
British Naturism
They staged a photo-shoot in Central London, ran an internet poll and set up the TV appearance, with BN getting the services of Golin Harris (one of the country’s top PR firms, who also handle marketing for McDonald’s) totally free. That gave Andrew, Daryl and his young friends the opportunity to go on national television and, as we always should, make the point that of course nudism is good for you.
It is great for your skin, it’s great for favorable body image, especially for the youth of society Andrew did well to steer the discussion away from the customary ‘Oh, they’re all a bunch of weirdo’s’ line by pointing out that naturists are not anti-garments, we simply feel that they aren’t always crucial. It was also amazing to see so many young people among nudebeachsexpics . There’s a real drive within BN at the moment to bring younger members and seeing so many enthusiastic young naturists on national television can just have done us enormous great.
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