In the spring of 1989 (to back up a bit), FKK sent its members their first copy of Nude & Natural magazine. FKK selected a brand new title for its official journal for lots of reasons. First, some folks awesome to the magazine had trouble comprehending the name; they were hearing “Closed With The Sun” when “Clothed With The Sun” was spoken. Even after the title was clarified, most people still did not find the historical reference to the Home Colony. Second, although FKK comprehended that altering names and symbols is always a risky move, it determined that a change would offer the chance to to augment the biological value of social nudity by linking the words “bare” and “natural.” The words are impartial regarding issues peripheral to nudism, and focus attention on two of the core values of naturists: social nudity and a sympathetic relationship to the natural ecosystem. The new name accurately downplayed any understanding that naturism was simply a sun-oriented task. After all, individuals can love naturism indoors, in the shade, or at night; and with the mid-1980s panic over skin cancer, FKK was justifiably unsure of evoking a sun-associated metaphor. (Note the similar and later change from the “American Sunbathing Association” to the “American Association for Nude Recreation.”) In addition to a name change, FKK adopted a awesome emblem. FKK member Carl Hild implied early on that a simple, cryptic logo was needed, one that would let fellow naturists to recognize one another without the need to blatantly advertise one’s preference for nudity. Hild supplied some rough sketches from which designer Jack White adapted the slanted capital N for FKK. Now the “N” Standing foremost for “bare,” “naked,” and “natural,” may also be related to other affirming words like “nice” or “nurturing.” Nude & Natural magazine has continued the tradition of journalistic excellence established by Clothed With The Sun. Today N is considered the journal of record among naturist publications in the English-speaking world. No other magazine, newspaper, or newsletter printed in English comes close to N in its depth and breadth of coverage of newsworthy events relating to non-lewd social nudity. N in size alone more than doubles other naturist publications around the globe. FKK is proud to be the leader in covering naturist history, social commentary, arts coverage, travel reports, and other naturist-related topics.

Skinny Dipper Shop

In January 1990 FKK decided to use its Oshkosh office storefront by starting the Skinny Dipper Shop. The shop sells magazines, T-shirts, DVDs, books, and other FKK products. It’s also a walk-in for folks trying to find information about local skinny dipping chances. The people has normally been accepting of the shop’s quite observable naturist presence in the center of Oshkosh. City ordinances forbid exhibiting naked photographs within sight of people walking by outside of the store, so one must come inside to store to find a copy of N magazine, the products, or The World’s Best Nude Beaches & Resorts. However, the prominent signs and displays in the window lets everyone know that skinny dipping is part of Oshkosh. Approximately once purenudism girls will step into the store to see if the public outside can see any photos containing nudity. So far, these visits haven’t resulted in any issues for nudist group .
FKK & Nude Networking In Europe